Aussie Pumps VC72 2 motor Industrial Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for fine dust

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Model: VC72

Type: Wet/Dry


Brand: Aussie Pumps

Aussie Vac VC72 is a Twin Motor 75 Litre Wet & Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner made in Italy and features a 5 year warranty. A robust and reliable Industrial Strenght Vacuum Cleaner, it is  designed to be used in industries such as Building and Constraction where it needs to handle everything that is dished out to it!


Unique Aussie Microweb 99.9% filtration reusable filter. Great for dealing with dust from limestone, biochemical, lead, sugar, cement, Gyprock, precious metals, pigments and fretilizers. Microweb is a unique filter media constructed from homopolymer acrylic fibre.. It has a microporous membrane applied to the collection surface that provides a kind of “Teflon” finish. This provides a low pressure drop and causes the dust to “cake”. That caking facilitates better dust release, improves collection efficiency and results in huge time savings over the life of the machine.The caking system releases the dust with a shake of the filter. No scrubbing or beating is required.
NOT to be used with Asbestos.

Impact resistant polypropylene barrel

Heavy duty wheel kit

Professional 40mm accessory kit

7 metre durable power cable 

5 Year Warranty

Made in Italy

Model VC72
S/code VC72
Capacity (Litres) 75
Motor 2 x 1200 watt, 240 volt
Water lift (mm) 2400
Air Flow (l/s) 119
Accessory size (mm) 40
Weight kg 28
Boxed dimensions LxWxH (mm) 660 x 580 x 1000

40 mm Accessories:
3 metre flexible crush proof hose 
2 piece chrome wand assembly including handle 
Crevice tool 
Round brush 
Hard floor brush with swivel (420mm) 
Squeegee with swivel (420mm) 
Adaptor to suit round brush
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